A sneaky way to make your comments stick on youtube videos and not get flagged as spam

October 12, 2008

Wow, im posting here after almost a year… time files.. and blogs get neglected 🙂

A lot of my Tube Automator customers keep asking me if there is a way to prevent youtube from detecting your comments as spam.

Well its pretty much common sense that if you post the same comment over and over again to a ton of videos, they are obviously going to be flagged. Appending scraped comments to your original comment seems to help a lot, but has the drawback of making your comments look like obvious spam.

I could recode the software to maybe rotate from a set of comments and id love it if you guys gave me some feedback on this, or on features you might want added to Tube Automator.

OK now on to the little trick I’ve discovered which at the moment of writing this post is working beautifully.

This trick also relies on the curiosity of people and may get diluted when a lot of people start using it. Its worked wonders for me and I thought that I’d share this with you guys as well.

When you use this trick, your comment appears upside down to the user…. something like this

(: ǝɯ ǝƃɐssǝɯ puɐ ןǝuuɐɥɔ ʎɯ oʇ ǝqıɹɔsqns 'sıɥʇ op oʇ ʍoɥ ʍouʞ oʇ ʇuɐʍ noʎ ɟı

This comment does not use normal text but instead uses a different character set and bypasses youtubes spam filters 😉

To make your comments appear upside down visit this site


Once you have you inverted code, paste it into Tube Automator and post away!

Feedback appreciated

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It would be cool if there was some way of spinning the comments using { | } to separate words to swap in with the comments.



Awesome dude:) this is just what I need. If you can add a “subscribe” feature to tube automtor itll be awesome



How about adding a delay when posting to other peoples videos? that’s really needed.


Robe Enfant

Hi Satyajeet,

One year without news, yes, but your skill to bypasses YouTybes spam filters is very clever!

Bravo 🙂


Cynthia Palmer

Hey Satya, Must congratulate you on the consistency with which you update this software. I’m a customer since October last year and this is the first product I have bought from you. This is has got to be be “The software” for youtube marketing. Im amazed with the number of free updates you have provided in the past year. Ok my dream feature… umm id say a subscribe feature… its the least likely to raise any flags like the vote feature and will still boost my videos credibility 🙂
Keep up the good work.
Regards, Cynthia



Very sweet trick. Thanks for sharing that one.



I wouldn’t even bother – YouTube have been made aware of this trick and will take action against users utilizing it no doubt as it will be really easy to detect. If it does work, it won’t for long.



I’m agree with , Ketih
It would be cool if there was some way of spinning the comments using { | } to separate words to swap in with the comments



Looks like i lost this bet. I thought you were dead.

Ps…I’d have written this upside down but i’m not that talented on a moving train!




thanks for sharing… actually this trick could be use else where.



@Alycia: Guess you are the retard whose gone and notified youtube eh?


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