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January 8, 2012

Ok folks another upcoming launch from Michael Rasmussen and Mike Mograbi.


Affiliate Cash Snipers

and will be launching on 24th Jan, and  i shall be posting a no holds barred affiliate cash snipers review here in a few days.

Affiliate Cash Snipers

You are also going to love the affiliate cash snipers bonus that I am preparing for you guys.

Mike hasnt told me much about affiliate cash snipers except that its a software that adds a little shopping widget to your webpages and claims that would enable you to grab your potential buyers and send them to exactly what they want at the best know retailers on the internet.

Mike Mograbi has been in the internet marketing arena since a long time and is most known by his imnewswatch site, which was a review site for upcoming internet marketing products and I have had some of my software reviewed on his site in the past.

Michael Rasmussen of course doesn’t need any introduction as I’m sure if you have been in the internet marketing business, you must have surely heard of him, but funnily if you google his name then most of the results that you end up getting are of a danish bicyclist. But that not him lol.

Authority Hybrid review coming soon too 🙂

Rasmussen can be found at his blog called  the bulletproof marketing blog, which incidentally also happens to be the name of his company.

Some of his earlier products in case you didnt find his name familiar are “get more buyers” and “mini sites exposed”. These were launched a long time ago and its good to see him come out with a new product.

One good thing about this software so far is that its compatible both with windows and mac , so you mac users wont feel left out this time, as most products that are launched these days are window based.

I know its not much, but I shall be posting an in-depth review of affiliate cash snipers

once I have my hands on a copy soon.

Have great weekend and thanks for reading 🙂

My Affiliate Cash Snipers Review [updated 24th Jan]


Don’t have much time today to write up an in-depth review and my “Dragon naturally speaking” just doesn’t want to work today so typing this out.

The affiliate cash snipers system is really easy to use.

This is how the members area looks, just so that you know that this is not one of the hundreds of BS review sites that youll find in a google search for affiliate cash snipers


Affiliate cash snipers members area main

1. You login, create your ad profiles by entering your affiliate details for amazon, and walmart and as host of other major big time retailers. Next you choose your categories and create your sniper ad.

affiliate cash snipers- affiliate settings
2. The second software called the “best sellers sniper” lets you find best sellers on the different shopping sites which help you decide which ones youre gonna pick.

Best seller sniper

3. The last software is the adspot sniper which basically finds sites where you can post your ad on. So what you do is enter your keyword and then their software searches for various sites that will let you place your ad on them. Most of these i found out are sites that are essentially running Adwords. So in a way you could have don’t this by hand yourself and didn’t really need this software. Of course it may have been due my choice of keywords that almost all the sites were those that ran adwords.

adspot sniper

It also provides you the alexa rank of the site that you may want to advertise on as well as a “strength” measure which is some metric that they have calculated internally to show you which site is more profitable to advertise on.

They also provide what they call “Affiliate intel and recon reports”, in their words “Priceless Retail Affiliate Intel At Your Fingertips So You Know… Exactly What To Promote, When, Where, And How! (Monthly)”

Which is more like like niches that are profitable and their analysis of the same. “Wedding dresses” was one of the niches in their latest report.

The bonuses they offer are pretty run of the mill and at first hand look like old products that have long lost value and are being given out to customers rather than gathering digital dust ;). Not beating on them.. but a lot of IM folk do give out such bonuses lol

Upsells: Yes i did get the upsells. They are

1. Niche pack updates ($97)

2. Profit portals ($197)

3. Intel Reports ($67/mo)

Cons:  A lot of the help manuals and videos are not up yet, but that doesnt seem like  a biggie as im sure they will be updated soon.

Conclusion: Well i cant comment on how well the ads convert or what kind of ROI you can expect as I have not run a campaign long enough to say eitherwise.

If you are an advanced user who already uses adwords,  then perhaps this is not for you. But for the rest of us this seems like a good deal.

So to summarise this product in one line; this is a software/system that lets you target prospective customers by advertising on niche sites using laser targeted ads to fulfill the exact requirements of your audience.

What You Get For Free When You Order From This Page.
a.k.a My Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus

Should you decide to purchase affiliate cash snipers through my affiliate link, I shall give you a lifetime free license to my next gen SEO software called AutoLinkbot. ( Hint: its the main tool that i use to get this blog to rank high 😉 )

Check it out HERE

The annual license for the software suite is currently sold by me for $ 499/year

To claim my Affiliate Cash Snipers Bonus, please follow these simple instructions:


Clear Your Cookies. If you don’t know how to do this please find out here..


Buy Using This Link Only


Forward Your Affiliate Cash Snipers Clickbank Receipt of purchase to: sign


I will confirm your order and have your account setup and your license enabled within 24 hours.

So grab your copy of Affiliate Cash Snipers Now and Get your free copy of Autolinkbot

Thanks for taking the time to read this


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Sam Mason

Whats the bonus this time 🙂
Ill only be buying this for your bonus dude, coz the last one from Rasmussen, get more buyers was so damn basic.



Glad you value my bonus so much 😉


Patrick Wong

LOL, your bonus looks more attrative than the actual product bro hehe


Rafic El Saleh

Hello Sir,

I have just bought through your affiliate link and am wondering how long it would take to get my access?

Regards from Dubai.

Your friend,



Please mail me your clickbank receipt# and i shall have my support guys set up your access.



Peter Brookshire

I bought via your link, my clickbank receipt is #TSXXXXXX . Please send me the bonus

– Pete



Your members area info has been mailed to you. And please do not post your clickbank id in a publicly access area. It can get misused.



F**k yeah now thats what I call a review. Ive been following up on your reviews and the only reason i check your blogout is coz i know that you are the real deal. Im so tired of these fakers who put up these blogs and say review this, bonus that, scam blah blah and put out machine generated garbage and get them to rank high using black hat methods.

More power to you bro or sis, lol i cant figure out from your name lol



Thanks for the kind words tommy, but dont swear, this is a family friendly site.. so had to edit your comment a bit 😉

And for the record I’m a guy, so its “bro” to you 🙂


James Wayans

Hey there,

I just bought affiliate cash snipers, not for your bonus but due to your review. Like tommy who posted earlier i would like to commend you for actually buying the product and not posting a fake review.

I have mailed you my receipt so when you get it please send me the download link to the bonus.




What is going on here ?
It appears the email address is not working as have had the following returned!!??
I have been impressed with your review and am attempting to purchase Sniper from your link and see that the affiliate ID at the bottom of the DB order page is specified as …. [affiliate = none] …. ????
No cookie button shows under ‘preferences/security’ although the cache is emptied as well.

Any suggestions or assistance available?





Raven, in not sure what the problem is at your end, perhaps you could try using a different browser?
And about the email, its working fine, people mail me on that email daily. Could you check if you made a typo?



Hi Satya

I’m a bit worried as I ordered Affiliate CashSniper through your site on Friday the 26th and I still don’t have news from you ! Please tell me when I can receive the link to the promised Bonus ???




Phil your account was created and the login info was mailed to the email id that was in your clickbank receipt on 1/27. Could you please check your spam folder at gmail?
If you still havent got it then post back here and i shall have it resent to you.



Dear Satya !

I checked all my e-mails again (for Satya & & also novasoft and also but didn’t find anything ! (though I’m having several other messages from you but older ones !) => So Please Could You Send It to Me Again ?? And by the way can you tell me the “header” of the message (like “satyajeet@hattagandi” or “bonus for…” for example ?)
Million Thanks In Advance Satya & Hope To Hear From You Soon !!!!.

Phil. (& Also Thx For Your Fast Reply !!!)



Its been mailed to you with the subject “Autolinkbot – Bonus for your purchase of affiliate cash snipers”


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