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August 21, 2011

Article Spinning Refers to the practice of generating multiple versions of a single document by replacing certain keywords With others Usually which are sourced from a thesaurus. This is a practice followed by search engine optimisation professionals, especially the black hat ones. The premise is that this altered version of a particular article would be considered as a unique article by the search engines.

How effective this method ultimately is depends on the quality of the “spinning”. Most black hat link building software in the market that spin articles need the users to provide these articles which have space being suitably modified to include certain tags which are referred to as spintax.

Spintax is essentially providing the software with multiple variations of a keyword got from a thesaurus and encoding it in a format that the software can utilise to produce multiple versions of the same article.

Here is a snippet, of how spintax looks like

{Have|contain|encompass|include|boast} you {ever|still|yet|increasingly} been {in|inside|within} a {situation|state of affairs|circumstances|state|condition} {where|anywhere} {all|every one|each and every one|every} {around|approximately|about|in the region of|just about} you {there|readily available|to hand|at hand|close by} seems {to|in the direction of|towards|on the way to} {be|exist|live|be alive} {total|sum|whole} {chaos,|disorder|confusion|bedlam|anarchy|pandemonium} {extreme|great|tremendous|severe} {confusion|bewilderment|perplexity|puzzlement|mystification|uncertainty} {and|plus|in addition to} a {complete|total|whole|absolute} {lack|be short of|not have} of {structure|arrangement|organization|construction} {and|plus|in addition to} {organization|association|group}?

as you can see space the different variations of particular word are enclosed by curly brackets and each word in turn is delimited by the pipe symbol.

What any spinning software does while it spins article is to choose one keyword from the available keywords within each keyword set which are separated by curly brackets.

Article spinning is not the only application that would require this kind of spintax. Spintax is also useful in case of software that is used to comment spam.

While I was coding an add-on software ( Blog Comment Blaster) for my soon to be launched backlink software that i’ve tentatively decided to name Auto Link bot I needed to coding some article spinning or rather comment spinning functionality.

Though I am quite well versed with regular expressions this particular bit of code that uses a delegate called the matchevaluator, was something that was a godsend.

So what are essentially do is use a Regex.Replace function which uses this delegate. You can perform whatever manipulations that you need within this delegate function.

Sample Functions that one can use to spin content where spintax has been used is below.

Function Spin(ByRef value As String) As String
' Invoke the Regex.Replace function.
Return Regex.Replace(value, _
"{.*?}", _
New MatchEvaluator(AddressOf SpinEvaluator))
End Function

Function SpinEvaluator(ByVal match As Match) As String
' Get string from match.
Dim v As String = match.ToString()

If v.Contains("{") Then
Dim x() As String = v.Split("|")

Dim kwd As String = x(RandomNumber(x.Length - 1, 0)).Replace("{", "").Replace("}", "")

Return kwd
Return v
End If
End Function

Happy spinning 🙂

Incoming search terms:

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getting error saying random number is not declared. how to fix it?



Oh, sorry about that i forgot to add that function in that post

Function RandomNumber(ByVal MaxNumber As Integer, Optional ByVal MinNumber As Integer = 0) As Integer

Dim r As New Random()
If MinNumber > MaxNumber Then

Dim t As Integer = MinNumber

MinNumber = MaxNumber

MaxNumber = t

End If

Return r.Next(MinNumber, MaxNumber)

End Function


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