Black Hat trick to get inbound links from slashdot

September 24, 2006

Webmasters are always looking for ways to get inbound links from authority web sites. An authority web site is a web site that is important or authoritative in its sphere of expertise due to the quality of content and features that it possesses.

For improving search engine rankings, an incoming link from an authority site is worth more than an incoming link from an average site. is such an authority web site. With a Google PageRank of 9 and an Alexa Traffic Rank of 200, belongs to the most successful sites on the Internet.

How to get a link from

A simple 5 step process allows you to put any link with any text from Slashdot to your web site:

1. Go to Slashdot’s story submission page.

2. Fill out the form and enter a link to your web site in the “The Scoop” edit field. Don’t forget to include your keywords in the link.

3. Use a tool like the Web Developer extension in Firefox to convert the form action from POST to GET. This can be done with one click with the Web Developer extension.

4. Click the “Preview story” button.

5. Copy the preview URL and link to the preview URL on one of your pages. If the search engine spiders follow the link they will find a link from to your web site.

You can use any keyword and any URL to get links with this method.

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