Commission Autopilot Review & Bonus – DONT BUY TILL YOU READ THIS

December 22, 2011

Commission Autopilot is a new product by Paul Ponna that launched on the 2nd of January.



Pre Launch Comments (22nd Dec 2011)


From the information that Paul has provided so far the commission autopilot software gets you traffic by leveraging 18 document publishing sites.

From the description I can surmise that these are sites like docstoc, google docs, ziddu, 4shared, scribd, calameo, slideshare, gazhoo, issuu… to name a few that ive personally uses in the past…

Of course this is only speculation on my part at this moment.

He claims that these document publishing sites are immune to the algorithm changes at Google, a tall claim? perhaps, but I can only comment once I get my hands on this.

Post Launch Update (Jan 2nd)

Commission Autopilot… Whats it all about?

I finally got my hands on a copy and found out that this is a desktop based application, so all you mac users wont be able to use this unless you are running a windows emulator like parallels.

Yes I did buy it, and this is not a BS review like most “reviews” that you find online

The software comprises 2 modules that are called “The Commission Activator” and the “Commission Multiplier”.

First let me talk about the commission activator

The commission activator lets you enter your niche specific keyword and then it finds relevant content from various databases of PLR content. Then it adds in your affiliate links in various places in the content and creates PDF’s from that content.

Along with this module you get 5 video tutorials that teach you the entire concept and the software usage

The videos that come with this module are

1) Commission Activator Installation
2) Content Creation
3) Digital Traffic Machines
4) Advanced Features
5) Monetization of PLR Articles

The second module is the commission multiplier

Commission Multiplier

The commission multiplier module takes these pdf’s that you create with the first module and then distributes them to 18 document sharing sites that have high PR and authority. The software also will help these documents rank high by providing them with backlinks

The basic premise is to leverage the authority and the trust that these websites have with the search engines like Google.

I agree this is nothing new, but there haven’t been any products in the market, that both teach the concept as well as provide automation tools for the same.

As with the commission activator module, the commission multiplier module comes with video tutorials as well.

The videos that come with these module are

1) How to Install Commission Multiplier
2) Commission multiplier features
3) How the software works

The software also seeks to leverage the viral nature that such publishing platforms provide.

Of course this would be a point of contention as the viral nature of any content depends on the quality, as well as the appeal that it holds in the eyes of the audience.

Click the image below to check out the Commission Autopilot Video

Commission autopilot

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Thanks for taking the time to read this


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Patrick Wu

I look forward to your review Satya, ive previously bought profit monarch from Paul ponna and that was a good course.



Just got you mail about this review man. I’ll check back on the 2nd. Any hint about what bonus your gonna be giving?



Its an awesome SEO software suite and im sure your gonna love it… cant say more at the moment 😉



Will it work? Any help on making a decision would be very helpful…..thanks so much and happy holidays 🙂


Michelle Craven

Hey, I always look forward to your reviews as you are not afraid to tell it like it is.
I have had good luck with scribd and docstock and so I think this should be a good product.
Thanks for reading



This seems to be a good product for we IM. I have already subscribed for the free bonus. Waiting for the launch of this exciting product.



You have laid out a good commission autopilot review. Many people will find it useful and it will help them to take decision about it. keep it up.


Edward Anderson

I have tried nine times to cancel my purchases and receive a refund. Since this site does not have an email address posted I have sent my requests as replys to the advertisements. I have not received a reply for Paul Ponda or any body in his company. I do not know if I am being scammed or if it is just impossible to request a refund.


Edward Anderson

How can I cancel my purchase and get the promised refund?



@Edward the fastest way to get a refund is to mail clickbank and ask them for one. Just mail them your clickbank receipt and then ask for a refund. Simple as that, and you don’t even need to contact the vendor for it 🙂


abner solis

Hi there,

Accordingly, i sent you an email with the PAYPAL transaction code : 6UH860852E556761F

This transaction is for the Commission Autopilot purchase which i got the link from this site.

I sent the transaction code immediately as soon as i received the purchased item.

It seemed that you have not seen my email.

Hope to get your reply the soonest possible time.

Thank you.


P.S. Actually, i purchased the Commission Autopilot because of the bonus you advertized on this site, that is – the Auto Link Bot!



@abner you need to send me your clickbank receipt in order to get the bonus, not your paypal transaction #


Steven Mathias


Can I work this software from anywhere in the world or just the US ?





Yes it can work from anywhere in the world.


Steven Mathias


Sorry…I meant to ask that (based on feedback from other users here) both the Auto Pilot & Auto Bot softwares need to be setup in tandem in order to work ?





I think you are a little confused. Commission autopilot is the software that this review is about. My bonus is a software called Autolinkbot that i sell over at

The two are independent of each other and are not related, nor do they require each other to work.

So no they do not need to be setup in tandem to work.


Steven Mathias


Thank you for clarifying. One more thing…realistically speaking, what level of knowledge is required to operate both software and how soon can I master both softwares, if I am a novice/beginner at this? How soon can one begin to generate revenue? Assume a website, domain and such is not required. Sorry for the questions and appreciate your time on this.



Steven Mathias

Hi Satya,

Just purchased the Commission Auto Pilot software and sent you the ClickBank transaction details by email. Please let me know when you receive that and send me the link to download the free ‘bonus’ Auto Link Bot software contingent on purchase of the Commission Auto Pilot Software. Thank you!



Steven Mathias

Hi Satya,
I wanted to thank you for your responses & help with the download of your ‘Autolink Bot’ software. This proves the authenticity of your offer as stated above on offering this software as a bonus and wanted this on ‘record’ here for all to see. However, I am disappointed to state here that despite paying the $47.00 and several emails to Paul Ponna and his so called support team, I still have not received any guidance, email, to a link to download his ‘Commission Autopilot’ software. It has been over 36 hours till date since confirmed purchase and all I have gotten is additional emails on his ‘Webinars’ (which I have viewed) promoting additional products for yet more money!!! I even registered a complaint with ClickBank on this and have yet to hear from them. Suffice it to say that I will not take this lying down, I will give them another 24 hours to respond before I post this experience with the FTC, its equivalent in Canada, with every single forum, blog, avenue on the Internet to boycott this product and Paul Ponna. I should not have to wait 24 hrs to a download a product whose immediate access was guaranteed on payment. That said, if you can assist me in any way on this, ( if I am doing this the wrong way or missing something that I should be doing), I would highly appreciate it. Beyond the next 24 hours, I will ask ClickBank to refund the $47 paid for this ‘classic example’ of ‘thievery’ & ‘customer service’. I apologize for posting this here but hope you and others understand my position. Thanks Satya.


Carl Wolf

I got Commsiion Autopilot the first night that it became available on January 1, 2012. I used it everyday and it did nothing for my traffic. It did not do thingsd it promised.

Paul Ponna gave his word that if you are not satisfied for any reason in the first 60 days, that he would refund all of your money. BS, BS, BS.

I have now tried for six days to get the refund and for the first 5 emails that I sent them, they totally ignored the reques to for a refund and NEVER ONCE addressed it. One the 5th day they finally acknowledged that they would cancel my subscription, but still never addressed the refund. After my 7th email to them, they finally tried to tell me that I had to get any money from Clickbank. Clickbank totally denied that and informed me that the total responsiblilty was Commsiion Autopilot. That made sense since I ahve purchased other products thru CLickbank and seeked a refund and got them thru the actual vendor, not CLickbank.

Commission Autopilot, still will not acknowledge the refund.

I have recceived refunds form others with no problem.



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