Commission Cheat Review and Bonus – Are The Commission Cheat Guys Giving You BS?

February 10, 2012

The dynamic duo of Sal Haque and Sean Miller are coming out with another product, this time titled,  Commission Cheat

No idea why they came up with such a name like commission cheat.. lol, but it did seem kinda cheesy to me 😉

Anyway, I’ve seen worse product names like commission cash generator which did have a lot of good content and i hope that this one does justice.


Commission Cheat Members Area Walkthrough


Ok, so this is the low down on Commission cheat that i know so far…

Commission Cheat is a members only site which enables customers to create little mini sites where they can embed viral media like cool videos and pictures to drive traffic to them using the social media engine that these guys provide.

Sal and the commission cheat team do it all for you and set up your sites and handle the hosting.. so you dont need any technical skills at all.

All you need to do is to fill out your affiliate id’s at Amazon, Clickbank, Adsense etc.

Commission cheat provides plugins that post to your blogs daily and provide the traffic. They claim that these commission cheat plugins provide a 150% to 300% increase in traffic.



Commission Cheat

Launch date  Feb 16th

Commission Cheat Review

Coming once i get a review copy or buy this on launch day

Commission Cheat Bonus

commission cheat bonus

OK this Bonus is Real Special, so to qualify for it you need to purchase both the main commission cheat offer as well as the first upsell ( which cost $47 for the front end and $197 for the upsell1)

What I’m offering. The secret weapon I use to rank my blog posts reviewing upcoming clickbank products in the top 10 rankings at Google.

And that weapon is my software Autolinkbot. Now i sell the whole Autolinkbot suite at a license of $499/year.

You get an Autolinkbot classic lifetime license for free if you buy Commission cheat and the commission cheat upsell.

+  I shall also set up a free SEO Optimized Killer Blog like this one for you and install all the secret plugins that i use to gain an unfair advantage in the search engine listings. Mail me once you’ve claimed your bonus to see if you qualify…

To claim my Commission Cheat Bonus, please follow these simple instructions:


Clear Your Cookies. If you don’t know how to do this please find out here..


Buy Using This Link Only


Forward Your Commission Cheat Clicksure Receipt of purchase to: sign


I will confirm your order and have your account setup and your licenses enabled within 24 hours.

So grab your copy of Commission Cheat and the First upsell Now and Get your free copy of  Autolinkbot

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Karen Sutton

I bought this via a special prelaunch link that i got in another marketers mail, but used your affiliate id cuz i liked your bonus. Mailed you my cbreceipt, please send me the download link



Damn you guys are resourceful. I mailed sal for a review copy and i didnt even get a reply lol
Yet I got 2 sales even before prelaunch.. go figure… you are #1 wonder who the other guy/gal is

Anyway, your download instructions have been mailed to you.




Hey man can I get the prelaunch link and any dicsounts you can throw my way?

Much appreciated




LOL Mike I dont have the “prelaunch link” . Some people somehow have managed to get their hands on it.. dunno how it got leaked. I guess well have to wait till tomorrow like all other folk to find out about the product


James McGregor

Any chance I can get a discount for your fine software without having to buy this commission cheat product? I shall reciprocate by mailing my buyer list of 4300 with a promotional mailing in return.

cheers mate!



Your link to commission cheat is not working, whenever I click on it I get a message that says they are on “private invite mode”, makes no sense to me. The original link I got with my original email also says the same thing to me, if this product is so great why can’t we get to the page? Sounds like a scam to me!




I just tried the link and it works fine for me. Could you please delete your cookies, clear your cache and try again, or maybe use a different browser?

Use this link: click here


jon bates

I recently purchased this product,here are some of the issues ive encountered…..installed very easily however my media does not play. I purchased the automatic media and traffic tornado,neither are producing ,not even a penny. After 3 support tickets STILL no reasonable answer as to why . So for now I have a useless product,that has failed to keep promises….SURPRISE. I can only reccomend people wait a while and see if fools like me can make it work on our own,as their support system is a joke. My wife is a programmer and she cant figure it out .


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