Damn, this blog got hacked

October 25, 2008

Two weeks ago, almost after a year of not posting on this blog, I decided to update my wordpress install and use a new template. During this process I noticed that in the view source of my wordpress installation on this blog there were about 200 odd links pointing to various pills/male sexual enhancement sites which was only visible in the HTML source.

The hacker had used a invisible div tag to hold the links, so I guess the googlebot chomped up all those links and its a little wonder that my pagerank for this blog dropped 2 spots in the last update. 🙁

The links still show up in the google serps

Still don’t know which hack the f**ker used, but I came across this nice post at Aarons site and since have implemented those safety measures. Damn, I’m a software professional and if I got so careless, I wonder how many folk get their wordpress installs hacked each day 🙁

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