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December 30, 2011

Chris Freville and Mike Whitehurst launched a new product called Limitless Profits on the 9th of January.

Prelaunch Comments (30th Dec)

I shall be posting my limitless profits review at this blog in a few days and of course you also get my limitless profits bonus 🙂

So check back later…

Post Launch Update (9th Jan)

What is Limitless Profits


Limitless profits is a training program and software that claims to show you how to make money from authority hybrid review affiliate marketing even if you don’t own a website.

The website is divided into the following sections

1. Getting Started
2. Training
3. Campaigns
4. Resources and
5. The Helpdesk


Yes I did purchase it, so this is not a BS review 🙂


Above is the main welcome page that you see once you login


The meat of the course is in the training and the campaigns sections.

The training section has a set of ten videos that are listed below

1. The Affiliate Armory: This is where they teach you to find profitable affiliate programs to promote. If you are an intermediate or an advanced marketer then you can skip this video entirely. Its just basic stuff.
2. The Viral Accelerator: Don’t you just love the way these guys hype it up with all these cool sounding jargon 😉
This is basically the video explaining the “software” part of the course. This is essentially an ebook creator that will automatically add in your affiliate links and this is the monetization route. The content that’s generated is about 30 odd pages of good humanly readable content.

3. Limitless Firepower: a video on how to use Limitless Profits program to start earning big commissions

4. Tech-Free Tornado: This video teaches you all the techie stuff like how to FTP, how to use javascript etc. This again is for those who are new to internet marketing as most intermediate to advanced marketers already know this. Things like how to set up a wordpress blog that is shown in this video would be a waste of time to watch unless you are a newbie.

5. Trojan Horse Email: This video teaches you the basics of email marketing and how to set up your email lists and autoresponders

6. Traffic Blitzkrieg: How to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and how to set them up.

7. Content explosion: How you should use your blog content to attract traffic thats qualified
Videos 8,9 and 10 talk about advanced techniques that are part of the Limitless Profits strategy.

All in all the videos are pretty decent and explain the concepts quite nicely.


This is the interface where you set up your campaigns and this is where the magic happens. All you need to do is enter your usernames from all the affiliate programs youve signed up for

Elite and Platinum Coaching

Along with the coaching you also get a WordPress plugin that you can give away to your customer and get into the league of the big marketers

In the resource section you will find all essential material in one place. As usual there are unannounced bonuses in this section One of them is “Chris Freville Members Only Invitations” – Which is a members only forum where you can network with other marketers

Check out Limitless Profits below


Limitless Profits Review


Ok you guys are in for a treat.

1.  SEO Optimized Blog Installation *

Even though the limitless profits course doesn’t require a website, I will install a blog for you thats highly optimized for SEO which will get your blog ranked highly at Google

Additionally I shall also setup and install the plugins that I personally have used to get this blog to rank high

On page optimization is a very important aspect of getting your site to rank highly and that exactly what I’m going to do for you.



2. SENuke X Blast To Give Your Blog Thousands Of Backlinks

The second aspect of SEO is the off page optimization, which is getting your blog backlinks from different sites.

SENUKE X is the indsutry standard backlinks SEO tool and I shall use that to get you links from

  • 45 Social Network Sites
  • 24 RSS Aggregators
  • 34 Press Release Sites
  • 93 Web 2.0 Profiles Sites


Additionally i shall also set up an XRumer Blast for you to a list of 20,000 forums and create profile links for you.

3. Back Links Indexing

Now most folks build links but dont know the secret sauce. Unless Google finds these backlinks youve built and indexes them, its of no use to you.

Once i build the links for you, I shall run them through my tool  indexR which will get your backlinks indexed in a matter of days and start pushing link juice to your blog.

This one step is the critical difference between getting on page #1 at Google and being lost on page 10

4. Save 25% on Hosting

Now that you’ve got your blog installation and your backlinks, obviously you need hosting to run your blog right?

Well i have managed to negotiate a deal with one of the top SEO optimized hosting companies and have a coupon that will save you 25% of your hosting cost.

You will save 25% year after year



To claim my Limitless Profits Bonus, please follow these simple instructions:



Clear Your Cookies. If you don’t know how to do this please find out here..


Buy Using This Link Only


Go get your hosting and save 25% by clicking this link

This is the shared hosting thats the cheapest package and is quite suitable for our needs. The special coupon will already be entered in the page and all you need to do is check out. In case you choose another hosting plan then please enter the coupon  “SPECIALOFFER2012” when you check out.

Note: you need to choose a minimum 6 months billing cycle to qualify for this offer


Forward Your Limitless Profits Clickbank Receipt of purchase to: signalong with the login info that was provided to you by the hosting company where you opened up your account using my special coupon


I will confirm your order and have your blog setup and start your backlinking campaign.

So grab your copy of Limitless Profits Now and Get your Super Bonus

* note the blog installation is only valid if you choose to use the coupon I provide and use the host i suggest.

Thanks for taking the time to read this



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Look forward to your review mate



Check back in a day or two… I’ll post if/when i get the review access 🙂



Hasnt this product already been launched? I think i saw a live sales page some time at the start of december



@Jim No it hasnt been launched. You perhaps saw the sales page when Tom was testing 😉



Hi – who is the web hosting company you use for your bonus?





This was already released yesterday, 9th of January 2012. 🙂



@kristine the reply i gave Jim was in reply to his post made on the 8th 🙂



@macl its hostgator



I just want to know can i study and running the bussiness at the same time to get some profit to cover the cost?



@kim while this blog is hardly the place to give you comprehensive advise, all i can say is try and take out a few hours each week from your schedule, perhaps on the weekend and try and implement all thats presented in the course/software you have purchase. I’m not talking specifically about limitless profits, but rather about any purchase you make. Most folk dont treat the purchase as an investment and just seem to lose interest in the product they bought in a day or two and are looking for the next new shiny product that just launched. So implement whats in the course, if it works fine, if not refund and only then move to a new investment.




they say that there is no hosting to pay or domaine name acculy there is nothing to pay
so why I have to pay a hosting?


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