New AdSense spam report feature

July 3, 2005

During the Super Session: Search Engines and Webmasters at the WebmasterWorld Conference on Thursday, Matt Cutts announced a new spam reporting feature, specifically for reporting AdSense spam sites.

If you see a site violating the AdSense terms, you can now file an anonymous spam report that will get to the quality team for checking. To file a report, you simply go to the page that is showing AdSense ads and click on the “Ads by Google” (or “Ads by Goooooogle”) link. In the form on the next page, include the term “spamreport” and put in a short reason about why you feel the site is violating the AdSense terms or policies. You can also enter your own email address, if you wish, then click submit.

Many people have used this way to submit AdSense spam reports in the past, rather than emailing Google directly or using the contact form within the AdSense account control panel. It gives people anonymity when reporting sites, and now there is the official “spamreport” keyword so that it gets to the right team who is in charge of quality checking potential AdSense terms and policies violators.

Well all the more reason to make our mass generated pages look more “hand made” 😉

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