New study: How to get high rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN

July 25, 2006

The search marketing company Fortune Interactive conducted a study in which they wanted to find out what factors influence web site rankings on the three major search engines.

How do Google, Yahoo and MSN rank web pages according to the study?

According to the study, Google ranks inbound links by quality, relevance, title keyword, anchor keyword and quantity. In addition, on-page factors such as keywords in the title, anchor keywords, keywords in the body text and general content relevance influence the ranking of a web page.

Inbound link quality is also very important to Yahoo. Yahoo looks at inbound links for relevance, anchor keyword and keywords in the title. Yahoo also looks at the quantity of links. On page factors such as keywords in the title and the body text are also important as well as general content relevance.

Inbound links are also very important in the ranking algorithm of MSN. However, the order is different. MSN analyzes inbound links for quality, anchor keywords, relevance and keywords in the title. The quantity is also weighted not as much as in Yahoo. In addition, MSN looks at keywords in the title, body text and anchors when it comes to on-page factors. General content relevance and the content of the title are also important.

Inbound link quality is the most important factor

According to the study, the quality of inbound links is the most important off-page factor whereas the quantity of inbound links is not that important. The most important on-page factor is the keyword density in the title tag.

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