Revolving Commissions Review & Bonus – DONT BUY TILL YOU READ THIS

January 10, 2012

Revolving Commissions is the latest course from Jerome Chapman and Blake Barrett. Though Blake is not a well known name, Jerome has been in the internet marketing arena since a real long time. The last product that i had seen from Jerome was his CB Predator that taught marketers how to make money from clickbank

This course goes live on the 16th of January and I shall try and get a review copy from them. If not as always I shall buy this and update this post with  my revolving commissions review.

If this course is good enough then i shall also set up a cool revolving commissions bonus

As of now they have not revealed any details about the course, and unlike a lot of reviews sites I dont want to bore you with detailed information about the courses that they have released in the past. So i shall end this post here…

Of course like most internet marketing courses this one is going to be hyped a lot too, but luckily for you, you have some one like me who will give you a honest review of revolving commissions and not give you a fake hyped review 🙂

Check back later for my in depth review


Ok you guys are in for a treat.

1. SEO Optimized Blog Installation *

Even though the revolving commissions course doesn’t require a website, I will install a blog for you thats highly optimized for SEO which will get your blog ranked highly at Google

Additionally I shall also setup and install the plugins that I personally have used to get this blog to rank high

On page optimization is a very important aspect of getting your site to rank highly and that exactly what I’m going to do for you.



2. Xrumer Blast To Give Your Blog Thousands Of Backlinks

The second aspect of SEO is the off page optimization, which is getting your blog backlinks from different sites.

Xrumer is the industry standard backlinks SEO tool and I shall use that to get you links from a list of 20,000 forums and create profile links for you.




3. Back Links Indexing

Now most folks build links but dont know the secret sauce. Unless Google finds these backlinks youve built and indexes them, its of no use to you.

Once i build the links for you, I shall run them through my tool indexR which will get your backlinks indexed in a matter of days and start pushing link juice to your blog.

This one step is the critical difference between getting on page #1 at Google and being lost on page 10

4. Save 25% on Hosting

Now that you’ve got your blog installation and your backlinks, obviously you need hosting to run your blog right?

Well i have managed to negotiate a deal with one of the top SEO optimized hosting companies and have a coupon that will save you 25% of your hosting cost.

You will save 25% year after year



To claim my Revolving Commissions Bonus, please follow these simple instructions:



Clear Your Cookies. If you don’t know how to do this please find out here..


Buy Using This Link Only


Go get your hosting and save 25% by clicking this link

This is the shared hosting thats the cheapest package and is quite suitable for our needs. The special coupon will already be entered in the page and all you need to do is check out. In case you choose another hosting plan then please enter the coupon “SPECIALOFFER2012” when you check out.

Note: you need to choose a minimum 6 months billing cycle to qualify for this offer


Forward Your Revolving Commissions Clickbank Receipt of purchase to: signalong with the login info that was provided to you by the hosting company where you opened up your account using my special coupon


I will confirm your order and have your blog setup and start your backlinking campaign.

So grab your copy of Revolving Commissions Now and Get your Super Bonus

* note the blog installation is only valid if you choose to use the coupon I provide and use the host i suggest.

Thanks for taking the time to read this



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Hey its already launch day.. where is that review dude 🙂



Sir I find your site 2 days ago when i search in google. where is bonus you said you will give? I wait and see all peoples bonus before i make purchase



Ive added my bonus, Abdelaye. I’m sure you are going to love it 😉


Kevin Andrews

Is the coupon for the hosting valid for any hosting package I choose?



Yeah the coupons valid for any hosting package you choose. However i would recommend choosing the cheapest one, unless you have other specific needs.



Hey Satya I just bought using your affiliate link and have mailed you the login to my cpanel. Do i need to register a new domain or can i just use an existing one?



Its really up to you. If you have an aged domain that’s an exact match keyword domain for the keyword that you want to rank for then its ideal. If you wish to use a new domain thats fine too, but it might take a bit longer to rank, plus you cant use aggressive link building with new domains.
Either ways this blog is hardly the place to discuss this. Please mail me your further questions. Thanks


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