SEO Link Monster Review – IS SEO Link Monster Just Hot Air?

February 7, 2012

Just nine hours to before the launch of Brad Callen and Dori friends, SEO Link Monster. This post is an update to my earlier blog post and  is my SEO Link monster review.
The Callen Brothers and Dori have a webinar planned today, where they are going to teach you how Google ranks websites in 2012. They will show you how the criteria for ranking has changed since the last Google update and how what worked in 2011 might not do so in 2012. This is a free webinar and if you wish to sign up you can use the link below.

Again like I said before there is no cost involved, so if you’re serious about your SEO, then I urge you to take and are out from your busy schedule and watch it.

SEO Link Monster Review

SEO link monster is going to be priced at $ 47 the first month, followed by a monthly fee of $ 147. so at the outset let me tell you that this is not an in-expensive service. That being said, and with my experience with the prior products that have been launched by Brad, I know this service is going to be worth it.

After all the merketing hype is pulled away, you realize that SEO Link Monster is basically a authority hybrid blog network like linkvana or authority link network. So what you essentially do is create spun articles and submit them to the blog network. Now depending on your quota these articles that you submit will get posted across various blogs that comprise the network on a random schedule.

Now it would kind of seem strange that Brad is launching another blog network considering the fact that he already has another blog network SEO Link Vine,out in the market for quite some years.

when asked about this, Brad’s answer was that in the case of SEO Link Vine the blog network comprised blogs contributed by the members, whereas in the case of SEO Link Monster all the blogs would be owned by Brad. Now this is significant as in the case of seo link vine, Brad could not guarantee the frequency of the number of posts per day. However in the case of SEO Link Monster since they have complete control over all the blogs, this drawback wont exist. But if you are looking for a panda proof network then consider SEO Fight Back which will be  a network of networks

SEO Link Monster users are guaranteed 14 posts per day and unlike other networks which do not provide you with a list of blogs where your article was posted,Brad promises that this data would be made available to all the users.


This is how the members area looks once you login.

As you can see there are four main menus. Downloads, rank, spinner & automation.

1. Downloads:  The downloads area contains the various upsells that you can purchase, and they are

  • An SEO Course.
  • An Article Pack.
  • Software Programs.

2. Rank:  This section contains the software called  “The Rankerizer”, which basically lets you track your rankings. the software is available for free at so I’m not really sure why they included it as a part of this package. Consider this the free version of rank tracker from  SEOPowerSuite.

3. Spinner : Spinner as the name suggests is an article Spinner. Those of us who have been in the SCO game for a while already own other spinners like Spinner chief and best Spinner. This article Spinner may be of use for those people who do not have access to any other article Spinner.

4. Automation: As the name suggests this is the place or rather the interface from where you submit your articles to the blog network. now one serious drawback that I noticed is that their interface does not support multilevel spintax. without the use of multilevel spintax it’s very easy for Google and other search engines to figure out that you are using spun text. I hope that Brad addresses this issue soon. The lack of a preview before submit is also another peeve.

Well that’s the basic overview of Seo Link Monster.

SEO Link Monster – Is it worth it?

Well at this point in time I can’t comment on the efficacy of this blog network. As you all know SEO is a slow process, and one cannot gauge if the back links from a particular network have provided enough link juice to boost your rankings. of course like all the other blog networks. I’m sure Brad will be providing a 30 day moneyback guarantee, so you can test the blog network for yourself.

For those of you who want to check out a comparative study of the other leading blog networks that are available in the market today, here is a study I found on traffic planet from a guy called Shane at

Below is his study of networks that you can consider as SEO Link Monster Alternatives

SEO Link Monster Alternatives



 SEO Link Monster Bonus

SEO Link Monster Bonus

Should you decide to purchase SEO Link Monster through my affiliate link, I shall give you a lifetime free license to my next gen SEO software called AutoLinkbot. ( Hint: its the main tool that i use to get this blog to rank high 😉 )


The annual license for the software suite is currently sold by me for $ 499/year

To claim my SEO Link Monster Bonus, please follow these simple instructions:


Clear Your Cookies. If you don’t know how to do this please find out here..




Forward Your SEO Link Monster Clickbank Receipt of purchase to: sign


I will confirm your order and have your account setup and your license enabled within 24 hours.

So grab your copy of SEO Link Monster Now and Get your free copy of Autolinkbot


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