SEO Link Monster Review & Bonus – Don’t Buy Till You Read This

January 9, 2012


Just got the news that The Callen Brothers, Brad & Matt, along with fellow marketer Dori Friend are going to be releasing SEO Link Monster late in February.

Having used their products in the past I’m sure that SEO Link monster will be an awesome product like some of their earlier products like SEO Fight Back and link metro.

While the earlier products I mentioned were basically high page rank networks, SEO link monster will not only give you access to their network, but also software to automate it and will also include personalized SEO training, which alone should be worth the cost of this membership.

Brad also mentions that this is scalable which means that as more and more customers sign up the results for the customers should be better. This seems to imply that like authority link network, the members should be able to add in their own sites and based on the number and the page rank of these sites be able to submit more articles to the network. This is most likely to be a point based system based on the pagerank. So for example if you submit a authority hybrid PR2 site you get one point, pr3 gets you 2 points and so on.

But be advised that this is not a cheap product. It has a $47/mo trial for a month, followed by a $147/mo rebill

I shall update this page with an indepth SEO link Monster Review and my super special SEO Link Monster Bonus soon

SEO link vine and SEO nitro were priced at $500/mo so if the level of the current network is at par with these then this product would be real steal at this price.

The personalized SEO training would mostly be an upsell and I dont see it being part of the $147 offer.


My SEO Link Monster Bonus

Stay tuned….


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